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Job Description

Semiconductor Process Technicians needed for the manufacturing of electronic semiconductors (integrated circuits, microchips). You will be responsible for quality control in the manufacturing process. You will be expected to check equipment regularly for problems & test completed chips to make sure they work properly.



Our client are an established Engineering Contractor with projects across Europe & other areas worldwide. They deliver complex engineering projects across various sectors including technology, wellbeing & the built environment.



Look over work orders, instructions & processing charts to determine a work schedule

Monitor machines that slice silicon crystals into wafers for processing

Use robots to clean and polish the silicon wafers

Load wafers into the equipment that creates patterns & forms the electronic circuitry

Set & adjust controls to regulate the manufacturing equipment’s power level, temperature, and other process parameters

Adjust the process equipment & repair as needed during the manufacturing process

Test completed microchips to ensure they work properly

Review the manufacturing process & suggest improvements


Work Environment

You will be working in a clean room environment

Microchips must be kept completely clean and free of impurities



Previous similar experience

Ideally you will have an associate’s degree in microelectronics (or similar)



Competitive rates on offer

Long term employment prospects


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